Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Simple poem :- Poems

A simple poem :- Poems
Poems are like flowers
Seed sowed in the mind
Inked through heart
Flowering in different ways
In themes, essence and shapes
Catering for creative minds
Direct, indirect,
From the heart or intellect
Soulful or poignant
A loner’s lament,
A lover’s moan
A soulful tone
A happy reunion
A false illusion
A thought divine
A visit to shrine
A solitary pain
A wife’s disdain
A dreamer’s dream
A heart’s scream
A love profound
A trust abound
A soldier’s sacrifice
A pet’s demise
A mother’s love
A poet’s dove
Anything you name it
A poem will tame it
Fractured texture
Or with a rhyme
Under the shelter of vast universe  
When words begin to shine
Luring every creative mind
Like a bee to nectar
Extracting honey of its own kind.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Soul Searching By Peace

Soul searching by peace

Standing before the mirror gazing self
twin one croons,
“history of wars, fights, skirmishes
have already taken toll of you
terrorism of every dimension
now becoming sin number eight
what is to expect now from you ?”
It questions simple and straight.

“Sometimes you are scarred
Sometimes you are battered
Sometimes you are crossed
Sometimes you are martyred.

Are you dead ?
Nay, I dread
you are not yet,”
whispers my mirrored friend.

“eighth sin has no place
war has no grace
let more sunshine be there
for everyone and everywhere
undoing mean human mentality
let darkness not prevail
blinding us till eternity.”

“Rise, rise, rise once again
show your prowess
hold tightly drooping reins
 peace, humility and harmony breeds
great civilizations

don’t dump into dustbins
God’s own beautiful creations.”

“Alias love, compassion and brotherhood

you can’t be dead
wake up and change the mindset
for the sake of entire humanity
 make violence to shed violence
apartheid to shed bias
states to terminate conflicting ways
with false vanity
and embrace you
with heart and soul
global peace be only your goal.”

Could withstand no more
allowed it to merge in mine
my conscience ready to take on
all the violent ways head on
for peace and harmony.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Note from the poet : The poem has been published in 'World Healing World Peace' a poetry anthology 2014 from USA.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Father dear father

Father dear father.  (Father’s day special)
Standing tall at the horizon with an aura around
Wrapped in the mind emotions abound
Eyes talk but not the lips
Pain and laughter take the dip
Watching the waves touch and go
Children get blessed when he bestows
Tending the future with utmost care
Not the one who would share
The pain.
Absence of rustling of leaves
Sportingly watching a broken tree
Branches scattered or blown away
Seeds carried far away
Love and affection now much in demand
Never felt let down, still in command
Satisfied he feels and laughs at the time
Conquering smile is noble  and is sublime
Payback ! Can’t think but just a prayer
Should father me in next life, if GOD cares.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Friday, 13 June 2014


Note for my wife:- Kindly don’t take umbrage as it is only a metaphorical write and not at all about you.

A tear in her eyes makes  me wonder
a chance for patch up did I squander ?

Never to complain..she, but questioning a lot
neither liked the questions nor liked the thought.

Life gets topsy- turvy, grilling when starts
anywhere,  anytime, at home or at city mart.

when, where, why, how, who and what
inquisitor  testing always your guts.

No chance for atonement
Words  coined  for harassment ?

Wish these could be wished away
But no
Entire life hinges on these
Try taking them away.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A joke is created

A joke is created

Laughter is by-product of humour which keeps us in good spirits disallowing the stress to take shape in our mental faculty. Making fun and laughing at the discomfort of others and cracking jokes on one’s name, cast, creed, profession etc, may not be in good taste but everything goes  in the name of humour which evokes laughs. Probably people are so much fed up with bearing the constant stresses of various nature that they lap up everything which make them laugh and bring a smile on their faces. Humour can not be created. It simply happens. The hallmark of humour being its spontaneity and when same is documented results in jokes.
One day I came from the market and was parking the car at my designated parking lot. I forgot to take out the ignition key and had shut the door in a hurry. Before I could realize my mistake and rush back to the car, car was locked. Panic struck as I had no duplicate key ( had lost already by yours truly) I was standing near the car like a stupid watching the handle of the car wishing some Gini to appear and open it. My wife from third floor balcony stared, glared making faces and with both hands gestured in bharatnatayam style.( She likes to shout indoors rather than in open thereby keeping my prestige intact)  She was asking questions in such a way that I thought her to be fit for teaching assignment in a deaf and dumb school. I was unable to communicate in the same way wondering did I pray for my wife to appear instead of the Gini. Soon people gathered around my car. Everyone offered his own indigenous suggestions from breaking the side window glass; to calling an expert car mechanic to open the door; to dial the company for duplicate key;to fetch a locksmith for manufacturing a new key. I felt elated to get so much support from the neighbourhood when a lady shouted in a typical Punjabi style, “  O thank Goddde Traabhawanji, you are not lockede inside the carrre.”(Thank God Tribhawan Ji, you are not locked inside the car)
The laughter her innocent remarks evoked was spontaneous. For about ten minutes, everyone present had a hearty laugh forgetting everything and a joke was thus created.
Humour is thus part of our life. A life without humour is like a dry barren land. When we laugh, world seems to share a laugh with us. Unfortunately sorrow has no friends.
-------------------------------x-------------------------------Tribhawan Kaul

Thursday, 5 June 2014

चिंता-ग्रस्त (english version is placed below)

Written with great pain on Badayun gagrape in UP and series of rape cases reported during last fortnight till date. English version of the poem is produced below.

जिगर का ख़ून अब, आँखों से निकल रहा है

जहाँ बहते थे कभी आंसू, अब ख़ून बह रहाहै.

चंद दरिंदों के हत्थे, चढ़ती जब एक गौरिया

कसाई भी थामे माथा, ज़ार ज़ार रो रहाहै.

ग़मज़दा, ग़मगीन सभी, पर बेबस भला क्योंहैं?

हर जगह केवल बहस," यह क्या हो रहा है?"

अब ख़ौफ़ नहीं आदमी को, इंसानियत के मरने का

समझू क्या मैं अब, आगाज़े कलयुग हो रहा है.

क्षुब्द हूँ, स्तब्ध हूँ, हैवानियत को देखकर

लाखों कलियाँ को देख, मन परेशान हो रहा है.

मुल्क क्या रहेगा ज़िंदा, जब आत्मा मर रही हो

चेतो अब तो  कानूनदानो, वक़्त यूँही खो रहा है

"कौन अपनी थी, "क्या हमारा उससे वास्ता"

नौजवानो, इस सोच से खून पानी हो रहा है

उठो, आवाज दो, है तुम्हारी अस्मत; इज़्ज़त हमारी

दो वहशियों को फांसी; भारत, जग शर्मसार हो रहा है.



Our heart reaches out to them through our eyes
Now blood, not tears oozing from our eyes.

Few human beasts devouring a girl
His head in shame, a butcher too cries.

Debating in their comforts." What 's going on ? "
Dejected, depressed, helpless but why ?

Now none fears to dehumanize humanity
Usher kalyuga,  signs for sure, fear I .

Hurt and shocked at the continuing monstrous acts
Worried for blossoms, are they fated too to die ?

Oh!My country! Can you be alive when soul is dead
 Lawmakers, time is running out for remedies to try.

She neither belonged to me nor she was a concern
Thought should  turn blood watery, don’t ask why.

Her honour & respect is ours, wake up you youth
‘Hang them’ give a call, shamed Mother India sighs.
-------------------------- x----------------------- -------