Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review of my poetry book ' Children of Lost Gods'

JULY 23, 2014 SHWETA1012    

Author- Tribhawan Kaul

Poetry:Broken lines.Poems are best described when it speaks more in less words,when it takes time to sense the meaning and depth of words ,and is able to enlighten one’s heart with the untold story and a new discovery.

“Children of Lost God’s”,by Tribhawan Kaul is one such book which enlightened my heart with aesthetic lines,speaking of truth,delivering the messages on many issues, keeping loyalty to heart.

All the poems of this book are plugged with plethora of emotions ,and they not only depicts a single flavour ,but engrossed with multiple flavours.Where one poem defines the meaning of love, other defines love for nature.

His poems traces out various fragments of life.Basically he focuses on the topic : Nature, Love, God,Relationships.Also, his poetries gave light on sensitive issues like terror attacks,and the poem tilted ‘Soul Searching’ ,gives an enormous message and meaning to a life, from what we are going through, and the sins knowingly or unknowingly we have been a part of.

Maturity in poetry writing is lucidly shown in his poems. Interesting stories are presented in the form of poems.
My favourite lines from one of the poem is -
‘Dense clouds pregnant with rain.’
The way poet lucidly and intellectually presents the poems ,comparing simple things to an imaginative new level, is way impressive.

‘Nano Poetry’ is my favourite section.In Nano Poetry ,poet focuses on some small ,yet core fragments of life, in the form of short and crisp poetry.In ‘Nano Poetry’, the topic which are beautifully defined are- Selfless, Realization,Dreams, God I love you, Freedom, Dilemma, HIS grace, Dilemma, Ego, Life, Peace, Death, War,Builders, Orphan, Apathy and Helpers.

Here are two lines from one of his poem-
“Whenever and whatever touches my heart
Words take shape in rainbow arch”
So true! His poems truely depicting that his heart melted and waxed in the form of words in this book.Making a rainbow arch, his poetry floats in the lake of different colours.

A book which is apt for an ardent poetry reader, and who loves to grasp the meaning, hidden behind the words.A beautiful compilation of poems where every poem holds the power to nourish heart.

Rating- 4.6/5

Reviewer- Shweta Kesari

Author: Tribhawan Kaul
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182534025
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: INR 180

Thursday, 17 July 2014

एक शेर/ दुपदी (ek shaer/dupadi)

एक शेर/ दुपदी  

रंजिशें बहुत थी हमारे तुम्हारे बीच
प्यार भी गज़ब कि यहाँ तक आ गए.
Ranjishen bahut thi hamare tumahre beech
Pyar bhi gazab ki yahan tak aa gaye.
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Peace at work

Peace at work
Understanding and love make peace work
Human DNA though cannot be banked upon
War mongers keep selling their wares
Will to survive too dares hawks to strike
Fire unable to differentiate
Hate taking over the senses
Visible become the scars on humanity
Yet dawn doesn’t wait for darkness to flee
Love makes survival a better option
Understanding paves the way for smooth transition
War becomes the casualty, peace rejoice and fly
Like a dove flees from the cage of inhibitions
To soar in the vast sky.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Unlimited sufferings and miseries
Taking shelter in this abode
Helplessness fighting
Tooth and nail with despondency
Not easy to gauge
The depth of patient’s emotions when
The life takes an escape route
From the clutches of death often.
A new world it is
Boasting of to- letting pain
Hung between hope and despair
A winner takes it all
and smiles
Loser might have blessed the Death
for end of one’s misery.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

हॉस्पिटल !

बेपन्हा कष्टों और दुखों को देखा है मैंने
हस्पतालों में आसरा लेते हुए
लाचारी की भी हिम्मत देखी है मैंने
निराशाओं से टक्कर लेते हुए
आंसन नहीं रोगियों की मनोबल को समझना
जिन्दगी को
 भी देखा है मैंने
मौत के चंगुल से निकलते हुए.

एक नई दुनिया है यह , अपने में हर दर्द समेटे हुए
आशा निराशा में हर कोई त्रिशंकु बने हुए
जो जीत जाये यहाँबस वह मुस्कुरा देता है
जो I गया ,वह मौत को दुआ देता है.
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित / त्रिभुवन कौल
Behpanah Kashton aur dukhon ko dekha hain maine
Aspatalon mein aasra lete hue
Laachari kee bhi himat dekhi hai maine
Nirashaon se takkar lete hue
Aasaan nahi rogiyon kaa manobal samjhna
Zindgi ko bhi dekha hai
Maut ke chungal se nikalte hue

Ek nayi duniya hai yeh, apne mein har dard samete hue
Aasha niraasha mein har koyi trishanku bane hue
Jo jeet jaye yahan, bas vh muskura deta hai
Jo haar gaya wh maut ko dua deta hai.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul
Note:- the poem in hindi has been published in my book Mann Kee Tarang (2012) and Safina , an anthology (2014)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Expectation. a human trait
Always injurious if not fulfilled
Love knows not give and take
Asset to conquer the world
With Share and care
Happiness blooms
Mind sprouts vibrations
Of successful union.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul