Wednesday, 29 October 2014

तो कुछ बात बने

तो कुछ बात बने
तुम सपनो की दुनिया से बाहर निकलो तो कुछ बात बने
तुम हवा में महल बनाना छोड़ दो तो कुछ बात बने
रेत के धरातल पर व्यर्थ के कार्य परिणाम शून्य हैं
तुम अपने अंदर के हीरे को तराशो तो कुछ बात बने

तुम्हे तुम्हारी मंजिल का पता हो तो कुछ बात बने
तुम अपनी ही नयी राह निकालो तो कुछ बात बने
घिसी पिटी लीक पर चलने वाले तो यहाँ  लाखों
तुम कुछ तो नया कर दिखाओ तो कुछ बात बने

किसी कमल को कीचड़ से निकालो तो कुछ बात  बने
किसी के ज़ख्मों पर मरहम लगाओ तो कुछ बात बने
ज़हर बाँटने वाले तो बसे हैं संसार के कोने कोने में
तुम समुंद्र मंथन कर अमृत निकालो तो कुछ बात बने

तुम ईसा की तरह सूली चढ़ो तो कुछ बात बने
भगवान बुद्ध की तरह बुद्ध बनो तो कुछ बात बने
तुम नानक की तरह देखो ईश्वर को चारों ओर
राम बन रावणों का नाश करो तो कुछ बात बने

तुम सत्य की कसौटी पर खरे उतरो तो कुछ बात बने
तुम असत्य का पर्दाफाश करो तो कुछ बात बने
बादल ओर बारिश का साया रहा है संसार पर सदा
तुम इन्द्रधनुष बन आशा जगाओ तो कुछ बात बने

ज़िंदगी को मानवता का सेवक बनाओ तो कुछ बात बने
मौत के सामने भी जो सीना तानो तो कुछ बात बने
अपनी कलम की ताकत को पहचानो तोत्रिभवन
जनमानस की चेतना को जगाओ तो कुछ बात बने.

सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/मन की तरंग/त्रिभवन कौल

Children of Lost Gods


Extended palms, seeking alms
sunken eyes, skeleton arms
jaundiced skin, frail frames
children of lost Gods.

Ragged and shabby, looking ravenous
searching morsels of food, trembling and nervous
fighting the odds, weak but courageous
children of lost Gods.

Here, there and everywhere
at crossroads and traffic signals
selling wares of rich and famous
or washing utensils, running errands
at the stalls, dabhas, small eateries
under the hot sun or the sand
picture this, view not so grand
children of lost Gods.

Urchins of all ages initiated
into the crimes of different hue
slowly but surely they age to their prime
getting black listed under who is who
death stalks them every now and then
making them prey on a sly
yet  survive
forcing death to give them a bye
children of lost Gods.

Sodomised, molested or getting raped
gender distinction is never made
the claws of mafia so strong
have no choice but to go along
children of lost Gods.

Acquiring  all vices
no savior  in sight, in time of crisis
abused and used
have no emotions of their own
ocean of tears not to be shown
children of lost Gods.

Their images haunt
future in them taunt
aware yet unawares
concern for them seldom we flaunt
children of lost Gods.

Oh God Almighty
help them find the lost Gods
free them from this bondage
now act and spare the rod
let them recover
lost childhood, innocence  and battered image
children of lost Gods
children of lost Gods.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Monday, 27 October 2014


I wrote my first hindi poem ' Pyar'/1970 and sent to the editors of ' Kadambni' a Hindustan Times publication. It was sent back with a terse note ' Khed sahit vaapas'. I was demorlised but not broken. I sent the same poem after three month again and this time I found it published in April 1970 issue and got Rs.75/= too.
May be, the poem was much better understood second time. Here is the poem.

प्यार न वासना है न तृष्णा है 
न है किसी चाहत का नाम
प्यार एक कशिश है
भावनाओं का महल है
एहसास की इटें हों
विश्वास की नीव हो
संवेदना का गारा हो
गरिमा का जाला हो
तब प्यार की बेल
आकाश को छूती 
पनपती है
यही सृजन है
सृष्टि का जन्मदाता है.
सर्वाधिकार सुरिक्षित /त्रिभुवन कौल

Sunday, 19 October 2014


One day in the month of April  2009, I was sitting in my house balcony at Delhi when my friend came to meet me. He was distressed and was having low self- esteem. He confided to me that his daughter had opted for live-in-relationship ignoring all his pleas, pleadings, cajoling, coercing and threatening.  He was in great shock. We, Indians, always believe in destiny. Whenever we are helpless, we bring the destiny in.  I was also not an exception. I thought that the unfortunate happening was an act which was to be destined. 

For approximately one year we could not meet. I became busy in my writing work and he went into hiding as he could not bear the social stigmatisation. I met him a again in the month of April 2010. He had become a wreck. I came to know that his daughter had come back to her family breaking all connections with her live in partner.  The revelation that she had undergone an abortion during early pregnancy days was too shocking for him to bear. I had to counsel him and ask him to forget the whole episode like a bad dream. Was forgetting that simple? I doubted.

Bad dreams have now become almost reality. Live-in relationships, though in its infancy is yet alarming. An off- shoot of western culture has started taking roots in India and there is no doubt in my mind that it has spread octopus like tanticles  in urban India.  I equate it to a terrorist attack on the institution of marriage in India.

The observation made by Hon’ble SC while hearing the famous case of South Indian actress Kushboo in Mar 2010 that pre-marital sex and live-in-relationship could not be construed as an offence,  has made me to think seriously about  fast growing tendency to have a live-in relationship amongst our young generation. A boy and a girl living together, without any social or legal sanctions, as flat mates/hostel mates/ PG mates is fast becoming norms with our western minded, music-fun loving, junk food eaters. With the waning of family stability, opening of various avenues of employment opportunities to boys and girls within and abroad, open mindedness, and with rising graph of economic growth, youth population of urban India has become more adventurous in their relationships with opposites sexes. Family heads are putting their heads together to ward off this intruding evil in the lives of their children but they are unable to restrict the activities of their wards once they become mature enough to decide their future life.

It is the thinking of orthodox people of India ( which most of the Indians are) that social ethics, family honour, moral values are getting devalued with the advent of the concept of live-in relationship.  Is our institution of marriage  fast becoming redundant? We already have three types of marriage.
A)    Arranged marriage : totally arranged by parents.
B)    Arranged  love marriage : Couple in love but marriage arranged with the  consent of both parents.
C)    Love marriage : without consents of both parents and getting married in court overtly or covertly......
All the above three type of marriages have either social or legal sanctions which is absent in live-in relationship.  It is also observed that the rate of divorces has also registered an ascending graph in B & C type of marriages though cases of divorces in type A marriages also show increasing trend but to much lesser extent. Moreover it becomes hell for a girl particularly if she is living with a male friend and enjoying sex too outside marriage norms.

Where does the term live-in-relationship fits in our children’s lives cannot be gauged. Younger people take their parents as old -fashioned, set-minded and socially irrelevant duds as they fail to fall in line of their thinking. They feel live-in-relationships will bring down the cases of divorces & caste biase. It will give them to guage compitability of each other if they stay together for a longer period before they come to the decision of marrying each other.  So far so good as It helps indulging couples to understand each other better over a longer period of time and think of marrying each other if so desired by both the partners. There are no liabilities on each other. No demands and pressures. Household luxuries/responsibilities and financial liabilities are equally shared on the basis of equality. Compatibility becomes the hall mark of this type of relationship. Non- compatibility over a time period gives both parties a chance to change their partner.

Their point of view is understood due to the change in perception of having a life partner in present scenario and nature of adjustment with the times by the modern parents. It is also understood  that instead of saying ‘ marriages are made in heaven’ we should now say ‘marriage are made by live-in-relationships’  But million dollar question is CAN THEY REMAIN ALOOF FROM GRATIFYING EACH OTHER SEXUALLY while living in. It is highly improbable. I think of a big NO. Fire cannot be doused by fire. Resultant pregnancies are either  terminated for fear of attracting social backlash or the child has to live with the tag of illegitimate in case partnership is not legalised by marriage. Living-ins may provide a chance to be an independent in personal likes or dislikes yet girls are made to suffer more than a boy in India. It is a established that living in relationships bring harassment and insecurity to girls in India.

The society also does not sanction such relationships whatever the law may say.  Why is it then honour killings are taking place openly now? Why suicides are on the rise amongst the young unwed mothers? Why abandoned foetuses are found every now and then?  We are not so much westernised as to have concept of leave one, take one.  We need to re-educate our children about pros and cons of such an adventure, our traditions, our culture, our ethos, our moral and ethical values, our social obligations, our sanskars  which they have lost in the age of TV soaps, internets,I-phones, movies, clubs, bars etc.
 Or  should parents/society allow them to say, “ this is our life, allow us to live as we want.?  Matter will always remain debatable.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Friday, 17 October 2014

, एक दिन

समझा था तुमने मुझे निकम्मा, निठ्ठला, शोहदा, एक दिन

मेहनत से ही पाया मैंने यह कार, बंगला, ओहदा, एक दिन

लिफाफा ही देखा, चिठ्ठी नहीं पढ़ी, यह तुम्हारा अहंकार था

मात्र सपना था कि होंगे हम तुम और हमारा घरोंदा, एक दिन.


सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Thursday, 16 October 2014



Out of shell, fully hatched empty handed
propitiating goodness; robe pinkish spotless.
Black spots commence controlling the crown
directing body to crave for pleasures mean
senses turning to cranking franking machine
eyes , ogling at shapes of colour balloons
each dustbin desires for more boons
anger management untaught in schools
pulling  legs &  rugs becoming norms
couch potatoes celebrating loss of form
looking down upon others for self pride,
cues that likes of Alexander, The Great
 too came out of shell  empty handed
and went away; the same way, goes waste.

Kill kill kill. Be the hunter not the hunted.
Kill kill kill. The satanic senses within you.
Let flower of anti-desire bloom
spreading its fragrance granting boon,
“be a homely saint not for unworthy worldly gains”.

All rights reserved/Children of Lost Gods/2013/Tribhawan Kaul

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


हर दुःख, अंतरमन का एक आइना है
जितना छुपाओ उतना ही दिखाई देता है
इसको पाल कर रखना भी फिजूल है
इन्सान को जला कर राख कर देता है.
दुःख  का  भाग्य ही  दुर्भाग्य  है
चाहता नहीं कोई यह रोग
चूँकि असाध्य है  
उभर आता है
प्रियतम के निकट होने के आभास से
प्रेयसी के ठन्डे रुख और अंदाज़ से
देश पर शहीद की माँ के रुदन पर
बलात्कार की शिकार के क्रंदन पर
भ्रष्ट नेताओं की भेंट, देश की दुर्दशा पर
धर्म की आड़ में दंगों की मानसिकता पर 
पर्यावरण की और होती उदासीनता पर
चढ़ती आयु को दर्द से करहाते को देख कर
योवन को मौज़ मस्ती में अपने को ढालते
हर उस नशे की अपना कर
बलि लेता जो ज्ञान की अज्ञान की वेदी पर 
सर  चढ़  बोले  जब  दुःख
कल्पना  लगता  है  तब सुख           
ईश्वर तब आता है याद
दुःख की फिर क्या बिसात
दुःख , तू भी कभी ग़मज़दा हो तो तुझे मालूम हो
ख़ुशी भी कोई शह है तुझे मालूम हो
तेरा आगमन बेशक लाता है वेदनाओं का तूफ़ान
ज़िंदा है ईश्वर तुझी से, तुझे मालूम हो.
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित /त्रिभवन कौल

Monday, 13 October 2014

माना की काँटों का ताज है जीवन,

माना की काँटों का ताज है जीवन,जीवन कोई गुलाब नहीं
मेहनत मश्शकत मांगे है जीवन, जीवन कोई ख़्वाब नहीं
दुख मिला है तो दुखी न हो,खुशियां मिली तो मना ख़ुशी
घटा के बाद जो सूरज दिखे, उसका भी कोई जवाब नहीं.

सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/ त्रिभवन कौल

Monday, 6 October 2014


Sky is dark
Clouds mar the show
The sun is brought down on it knees
Out of the blue
Rainbow brings some solace
Life is bound to sustains itself
With  positive thoughts
And outlook
Darkness proves to be momentary
Only Momentary
Those who are not in hurry
Sky gets clear
And the sun shines bright again.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Saturday, 4 October 2014

SIX SEASONS IN INDIA ( in senryu series.)

SIX SEASONS IN INDIA ( in senryu series.)

Love in the air 
Festivals galore 

Blazing hot
Except thoughts

Few harvest
Rest going in drains. 

Golden, yellow, brown layers 
Naked and bare. 

Death and decay 
Of fiery brilliance 

Icy cold
Everything but heart 
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Thursday, 2 October 2014

विजय दशमी का पर्व, हम मनाएं बड़ी शान से

विजय दशमी का पर्व, हम मनाएं बड़ी शान से
भारत की जय हो, भारतीयों की आन बान से
सर्वत्र हो रही चर्चा आज भारत की संसार में
स्तंभित हैं सब, मॉम,मेरी,मोदी की पहचान से
मॉम = मंगलयान , मेरी = मेरी कॉम

सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कॉल

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

बेचारा आम आदमी

बेचारा आम आदमी
गाँधी जी के तीन बंदर
तीनो मेरे अन्दर
कुलबुलाते हैं
बुरा मत देखो, बुरा मत सुनो, बुरा मत कहो
पर देखता हूँ, सुनता हूँ, कहता हूँ. क्यों ?
क्यूंकि मैं एक आम आदमी हूँ
स्वतंत्र होते हुए भी मैं पराधीन हूँ
एक दुस्वप्न सा जीवन जीने को मजबूर हूँ
हर रोज, नयी भोर के संग नयी आस का घूँट पीता हूँ
कल अच्छा नहीं था, आज अच्छा होना चाहिए
यह सोच कर ही तो जीता हूँ.

मंहगाई की मार, घोटालों की धमक
गिरते मूल्यों के बीच नोटों की चमक
रोष भरपूर है पर दोष किसे दूं
आम आदमी हूँ, मन की किसे कहूं
महाभारत सी बन गयी है मेरी जिंदगी
एक चक्रव्यूह में फँस कर  रह  गयी है मेरी जिंदगी.

दुर्योधन, दुशासन, शकुनि  सरीखे
हमेशा मोंकों की तलाश में रहते हैं
धृतराष्ट्र और भीष्म जैसों के मूंह पर
हमेशा  की तरह  ताले पड़े रहते हैं

आज भी अभिमन्यु जैसे नौजवान
चक्रव्ह्यु भेदने का बोझ  ढ़ो रहें हैं
रोज कंही कंही द्रोपिदिओं के चीर हरण हो रहें हैं
तब एक द्रोपदी के पीछे मचा था महाभारत
आज आंखे खोले ही सब के सब महारथी सो रहें हैं.

आज के इस भारत में
महाभारत के पात्र सब उपस्थित हैं
पर कृष्ण नदारद हैं
हजारों अर्जुनों के हाथ गांडीव तो है
पर उन्हें  एक नयी गीता की अपेक्षा है
इसी आस में आम आदमी
जीता है बस जीता है.
गाँधी जी के तीन बंदरों की तरह.
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/Safina-2014/त्रिभवन कौल