Friday, 29 May 2015

गीतिका/ ग़ज़ल मेरा भारत MERA BHARAT

विधा = गीतिका/ ग़ज़ल, सामन्त  (काफ़िया)= आन , पदांत (रदीफ़)= हो
मापनी (बहर) = २ २ २  २ १ २
मेरा भारत
तुम मेरी शान हो
तुम मेरी जान हो .

क़ुरबानी दें हमी
तुम मेरी आन हो

तुझ पर मैं हूँ फ़िदा
तुम मेरा मान हो

रक्त मेरा यदि बहे
मुझ पर अभिमान हो

रो कर यूँ रोक...ना
तुम मेरा अरमान हो

त्रिभवन यह भान हो
मुल्क मेरी शान हो
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Tum meri shaan ho 
Tum meri jaan ho .

Kurbaani den humee

Tum meri aan ho .

Tum per mein hoon fida
Tum mera maan ho.

Rakt mera yadi bahe
Mujh per abhimaan ho.

Rok kar yun rok......naa
Tum mera armaan ho.

Tribhawan yah bhaan ho
Mulk meri shaan ho.
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शेर (Couplet)-1

दोस्त मिले एसे जो अहसां फरामोश थे

हमें ही ज़ज्बातों का, कद्र करना आया.

dost mile aise jo ahsaan framosh na the

hum ko hee jajbaaton kaa kadr karna na aaya .

सर्वधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

चतुष्पदी (Quatrain)-5


किसी के दिल में उतर, तुझे प्यार मिले

किसी का बन हमसफ़र, तुझे प्यार मिले

भटकता है तन की प्यासी राहों पर

तृष्णा का त्याग कर, तुझे प्यार मिले

सर्वधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

kisi ke dil mein utar, tujhe pyar mile

kisi ka ban humsafar, tujhe pyar mile

bhatakta hai tan kee pyasi rohon par

trishna ka tyag kar,  tujhe pyar mile.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015



इक चाँद बहुत दूर है, इक है हमरे पास

इक बदली में है घिरा, इक है बहुत उदास

इक सावन है वेदना, इक है हर्ष विकास

विरह अगन कोई जली, कोई प्रियतम पास

इक सौंदर्य दिखावटी ,इक का भीतर वास

इक क्षणभंगुर होत है , अरु इक फले कपास

इक बंदा बहु ख़ास है, इक का जीवन आम

इक है बस शाने ख़ुदा, इक ले हरि का नाम

धरती के दो रूप हैं, इक माँ इक संसार

इक प्यारी ममतामयी,इक पोषण आधार

मीरा का समर्पण इक , इक राधा का प्यार

क्यों ना हों संपूर्ण जब, कृष्ण भये आधार


सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/ त्रिभवन कौल


Silvery rays from the sky
will have no meaning now
never same will be the dawn.
Waves shirk to embrace beach
day sobs, night weeps
breeze no longer rustles the leaves.
Flowers robbed of their magic
fragrance no more validating their love
cuckoo loses her voice and
wait becomes redundant for dusky eyes.
Heart is drained of emotions
mind in the process of evaluation
body limited to the motions,
as some one dearest
to the heart, mind and soul
first  loved, then left
never to return.  
All rights reserved/Children Of Lost Gods/Tribhawan Kaul

Monday, 25 May 2015

वर्ण पिरामिड़

मेरे बगैर
शहादत मेरी
माँ लाएगी बहार
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

नयनो की
यूँ अनकही
भाषा का नर्तन
प्रेम हो हरक्षण

सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Saturday, 23 May 2015


He was 17 going on 18. Four letter word LOVE was taboo so far his conservative family was concerned. Eagle eyed parents were always suspicious of his activities as he was prone to defy their orthodox ways which were mainly negating the perception of an adolescent’s desires and aspirations. He was interested in extracurricular activities, loved to watch movies, used to day dream and was an extrovert. As a normal boy of his age does,   he used to fantasize while looking into the mirror and harping on to be the next Hrithik Roshan  and Ranbir Kapoor. Three grand, gorgeous and beautiful ladies of tinsel town viz Aishwarya Rai, Depeeka Padukone and Katrina Kaif  had caught his imagination. He used to adore them like a moth attracted to a lighted candle with irregular adolescence dreams both wet and dry making him crave for the carnal knowledge and pleasures.

Here was a girl of his age in his residential block. She was an ordinary neighborhood girl but his imagination could metamorphosis her into a girl with Aishwarya’s infectious smile, Katrina’s figure and Deepika’s dimples. When he saw her first, she was checking a Hanna Montana’s video at a neighborhood video parlor.  A strong urge set upon him which made him to conquer his fears and to approach her. Fear remains till mind stomps it. Once the fear is stomped, there is no looking back.
 “Hello,” he muttered almost in her ears. She was startled and backed off two steps. Finding that a smiling neighborhood boy, standing in front of her, did not mean any harm; she looked around and said rather sheepishly, ‘hello’. That was the beginning of friendship between the two.
Soon he found out ways to meet her not at a secluded place but at the crowded ones e.g jagrans, melas, markets, temples etc. They talked but mainly through their gestures looking odd and funny sometimes for the onlookers. She always responded to his gestures but was never actually comfortable. A strange fear used to grip her. A fear, which led her to pray for his well being. Once she met him at a corner of the block and he dared to hold her hand first time calling her ‘Deepu’ which left her aghast at his brash behavior. She jerked her hand out of his and almost shouted. “What ! I am  Reetu not Deepu.”
“No, you are my Deepika, my Ashweria, my Katrina, all rolled into one. Three in one.” He said naughtily. She coyly asked him, “and who do you think you are? Salmaan Khan….? “ He saw her run towards her residence laughing with one corner of her dupatta(stole) in her mouth. His day was made. The age old dictum ‘ hansi to fansi’( if a girl laughs, she is yours for sure) was coming true in his imagination. However he never approved that dictum as he always felt that every girl had a right to smile and her smile should never be construed for her easy availability. Smiles are deceptive too, he had read somewhere. He definitely had a strange crush on her as always.  He felt to be waiting for her appearances. He always felt to be dancing and talking with her. His mind worked overtime enjoying every moment with her, even forgetting his studies as he used to feel her presence around him every now and then.

One day he took courage and confronted her in the market place under a tree. She was puzzled at first but smiled and beckoned him to come near her thus encouraging him to speak his mind.  Mustering enough courage, gulping down his own saliva, he held her hand and said the obvious three words, “I love you.”  She was stunned but her eyes betrayed her emotions while some pearls dropped from the corner of her eyes. She became uncomfortable and felt as if she was trembling. She said in low tone, “no, I like you but I am not supposed to love you. You are not from my caste.”  Profusely sweating & shivering she ran away leaving him brooding over his utterance and worried about subsequent consequences unawares that a person was watching them across the road.

In the evening he was sitting with his father when a stoutly built man barged in with his dream girl . #@$&#****#@$&# That was it. The end.
His first crush was guillotined at the altar of caste system leaving him searching for the answers.
At his age was it undesirable to fall in love?
Was it only one sided love?
Was it, what agony aunts/uncles used to call, infatuation?
Or was the time not ripe for a budding love to take its roots in the social system that still abhors relationships between two different castes?
Questions about relationships by the society keep raising its head like a hydra time and again, now and then.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul
Disclaimer : This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Tribhawan Kaul

Thursday, 21 May 2015

चतुष्पदी (Quatrain)-4

दिन दहाड़े अत्याचार -क्यों ज़ुबाँ नहीं खुलती
सरे आम हो अनाचार -क्यों ज़ुबाँ नहीं खुलती
बलि मानवता की चढ़े बेगैरत शब्दों पर
स्त्री सहती दुराचार -क्यों ज़ुबाँ नहीं खुलती.
सर्वधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

din dhaade atyachaar- kyun zuban nahi khulti 
sare aam ho anachaar-kyun zuban nahi khulti
bali manavta kee chade begairat shabdon par
stree sahti doorachaar-kyun zuban nahi khulti

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A lonely lover

A Lonely Lover
Aloof  I am and far from you
Coasting along, lonely in a boat
Waves of thoughts surge me ahead
With remembrance as an oar, I row.

Goal being that shining star,
Destiny, I know not
Sucked into the worldly whirlpools,
are my wandering thoughts

Impenetrable darkness shrieks
A lass sings a sad song of separation
Moon disappears on lunar day
Sky weeps in appreciation.

Fire ranges in the forest
air chokes suddenly
waves stop, just to rest
flowers withering, untimely.

Obstructive becomes egoistic attitude
In our union and fortitude
decades are spent In lament
lost is the relevance of gratitude.

Lost if I am, search for that elusive pearl
on the pretext of finding a shell
reach, embrace and kiss me
even if it takes eternity.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul/ Published in Purple Hues and released on 26 April 2015

Monday, 18 May 2015

गणेश जी की दुग्ध महिमा

यह रचना मैंने 25-09-1995 को लिखी थी/ 21-09-1995 को दिल्ली में एक चमत्कार हो गया था जब भगवान ग़णेश दूध पीने लगे थे. विज्ञान और आस्था में एक बहस छिड़ गयी थी.
गणेश जी की दुग्ध महिमा
दुग्ध चमत्कार देखिके, सगरे रह गए दंग
सन्त,महात्मा,ज्ञानी की, निन्द्रा हो गयी भंग
निंद्रा हो गयी भंग, यह कैसा गोरखधन्धा
मंहगा हुआ दूध, कल तक था जो मन्दा.

धरम करम के नाम पर, लूट सके तू लूट
लोग बनते बेवकूफ, ले पैसे जा फूट
ले पैसे जा फूट, कुछ लोगों का यह धन्धा
अन्धविश्वासी जनता, कौन डालेगा फंदा.

लग जा तू भी लैन मा, छकाई पिला दूध
अवश्य मिलबे तोको यहाँ, मूल सूद दर सूद
मूल सूद दर सूद, "तने" लीला रचाई स
जिनमे थी न आस्था, वा में भी यो जागी स

लीला ‘ उसकी ‘कहे सब , मैं... साइफन एक्शन
भावना जिसकी जैसी, जोड़े वह कनेक्शन
जोड़े वह कनेक्शन, अच्छा "तू" पाठ पढ़ायो 
देख धर्म का नाश, गणेश दुग्धपान करायो
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Saturday, 16 May 2015

चतुष्पदी (Quatrian)-3

भारत अहिंसा की राह छोड़े- नामुमकिन

कोई दुर्बल समझ कर तोड़े -नामुमकिन

शत्रुता करने की हिम्मत तो सपने समान 

सीमा पर कोई आँख साधे- नामुमकिन
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल

Bharat ahimsa kee rah chode- namumkin
Koyi durbal samajh kar tode - namumkin
shaturta karne kee himmat to sapne smaan 
seema pur koyi aankh saadhe- namumkin 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

चतुष्पदी (Quatrain)-2

नेपाल के भूकम्प की त्रासदी पर जो २५-०४-२०१५ को आया था
प्राकर्तिक आपदाओं से संसार आंतकित
बाढ़, ज़लज़लों को किया हमने आमंत्रित
दोष "उसकी मर्ज़ी" कह 'ईश' पर मढ़ दिया
तार तार पर्यावरण कर, की मौत सुनिश्चित
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/ त्रिभवन कौल/25-04-2015
Prakartik aapdaon se sansaar aatankit
Baad, zalzalon ko kiya hamne aamantrit
Dosh “USKI marzi” kah ‘EESH’ par madh diya
Taar taar paryavaran kar, kee maut sunishchit.

नेपाल के भूकम्प की त्रासदी पर जो २५-०४-२०१५ को आया था

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015



Age never bothered her
She never showed her age
She was a new age women
Never to mind her age.

Proudly she went to a plaza
Fond of shopping home away
But came out just eating pizza
It had made her day.

Body searched her purse
Could not find her key
Also did not find her car
Nothing to giggle and glee.

Wrinkles showed on her face
As she approached a PCR*
Was  directed to the police station
To file an FIR**

She returned home with satisfaction
Informed her hubby with some reservation
Shocked, he stood with a mug of beer
“ But honey, didn’t I... drop you there ?”

“ Did you drop me ? Oh God !
Oh Yes ! I forgot ;” stunned as she was
“Then where is our car?”,  exclaimed she
 beckoning him to the window for the testimony.

 Rushing out, found the gate open
 dazed , both now looked aged
car was nowhere to be seen
 thought they, finally it has been stolen.

Soon they were surprised
and had a hearty laugh
they saw their own son
driving in, to park.

Age do takes its toll
as one tends to forget
kudos to those
who laugh at the malady, without any regret.

All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

चतुष्पदी (Quatrain)-1

रात ढली तो सही , पर ख़ुमार बाकी था

मदहोश थी तुम, मैं भी मदहोश था

इस तरह डूबे थे हम, तुम्हारे आगोश में

उदय होने का, सूरज को भी आक्रोश था.


सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/त्रिभवन कौल
Raat dhali to sahi, pur khumaar baaki tha 
madhosh thi tum, mein bhi madhosh tha
is taran se doobe the hum, tumahre aagosh mein
uday hone ka, sooraj ko bhi aakrosh tha.

Monday, 11 May 2015

म्येन कशीर (Mera Kashmir)

(जो कल था, आज भी प्रासंगिक है)/12-07-2016

म्येन कशीर
मेरा कश्मीर, मेरा कश्मीर

था जो कभी स्वर्ग की तस्वीर
मेरा कश्मीर, मेरा कश्मीर.
शांत और सौम्य
सैलानियों का आवागमन
स्वागत करने को तत्पर
निशात, शालीमार
बांहें पसारे
अपने में समेटने को तैयार
नगीन जैसी झीलें
डल के शिकारे
चिनार, बादाम, सेब के पेड़
केसर के बाग़
कड़म का साग
" हाको- हाक "
"येखो- यख '' की आवाज़
उस मस्ती के आलम में
संतूर का साज़
तैरते खेत
स्थिर हौऊसबोट

बहती जेहलम पर
नावों की दौड़
सफ़ेद बर्फ की परत दर परत
गगनचुम्भी चोटियों पर
कुदरती हरियाली पर
बेमिसाल गरत
शंकरआचार्या, पर्वत, गणपतयार , खीरभवानी
और बेमिसाल ऋषियों की अमर वाणी
चरारे- शरीफ
खान: खा:
बरबस निकलता था
वाह बस वाह.

यह था ताज
मेरे भारत का ताज
आज भी है
पर नहीं भी है
जो कभी था अब नहीं है
कहाँ गया मेरा कश्मीर
म्येन कशीर - म्येन कशीर.....!
कहाँ गए
वह बर्फीले हरे चेहरों को नापते
सेलानियों की खोजती आंखें
निमंत्रण देते वह होंठ
गले लगाने को आतुर
फैली हुई बांहे
क्या रहा शेष, अब ?
हाय ! क्या रहा शेष ?
बेजान घाटी का
एक ऐसा शरीर
जिसके दिमाग, दिल, गुर्दे का
कर दिया हो
किसी अज्ञात सर्जन द्वारा
लहूलुहान चेहरा
कटे फटे होंठ
वीरान आंखें
अधकटी बांहें
रक्त से लथ पथ
कोमा में गए
उस इंसान की तरह
जो जागता है फिर सोता है
या फिर स्थिर आँखों से निहारता है
ऑपरेशन टेबल पर हमारा पलायन
सत्य से
कश्मीरियत के तत्व से
हाय मेरा कश्मीर !
म्येन कशीर
कोई तो दे मुझे
म्येन कशीर मेरा कश्मीर. !
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित/ त्रिभुवन कौल

हाको-हाक = एक प्रकार का साग     यखो-यख  =  बर्फ जो खायी जाती 



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