Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Soul Never Dies

Dedicated to organ donation day today.
A Soul Never Dies
Her eclipsed face devoid of emotions
near his bedside staring into blank
going through the motions.
His fixed eye staring back
with heavily bandaged head
declared brain dead.
Nurses glancing expectantly
watching her trembling hands
signing on dotted lines
she nods in approval
a tear drop rolls down
watching poignantly
all life support removal.
Not a good sight for a mother to see
yet she wished to felicitate
the flight of a soul to be
till caged in the body
for another birth
a myth. she believed.
Tears refusing to stream, clenching her fists
pulling her own body, a physical wreck
holding her emotions in check
lest her courage gives away
watches his body carted away .
Clinical strategy taking over physical ethos
She reconciled soon with the loss
but could never take off the albatross.*
One afternoon,
strange but smiling faces
descended like angles from heaven
at her door with the Dean
young and not too young,
all were terminal cases
but lived to see the day
through harvesting his son’s
different tissues and organs.
She believed in the myth
All rights reservedTribhawan Kaul

Note from the poet :-*This phrase refers to lines from the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in which the eponymous mariner, who shoots an albatross, is obliged to carry the burden of the bird hung around his neck as a punishment for and reminder of his ill deed.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Terror Balloons

Blood splattered, limbs scattered
face of terror mocking
at the lethargic bandobast.

People lending helping hands
disregarding every nomenclature
whipping off the rust.

Perpetrators sulking in hiding
lamenting, once again
couldn’t ignite the desired mistrust.

 Blame game taking shape
some heads may also roll
pricing humans, Government works best.

Nothing happened, nothing will happen
older ones enjoying the prison
people waiting  balloons to burst.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul